hosting services
we're still in the process of moving our services, please be patient for a couple of days more :)

Stop paying for gameservers!
Welcome buddy! We're a team of university students and we strongly believe that every person out there should be allowed to host a GameServer for free! This is why we are opening this project!
Select a server for your favorite game. The only thing required is a registered account. No hidden costs(none at all in fact).
Once your server is set up and running, it's ready to become popular. Many players for more fun.
Your server became the destination of many gamers. Well done! You now have a server for free!
How does it work?
We are certainly offering the best server out there, i dare you to find somebody like us giving out gameserver for free But let’s stop chatting and have a look at what you can possibly get. It’s very simple!

We review your application and decide if you'll have traffic
We'll contact you if you get accepted.
We will verify the request and discuss it with you.
You'll be given full access to the server
Set up your server!
You'll have access to our Enterprise monitoring system that will allow quick administration.
We have an ecosystem that will automatically update your server and upload FastDL for you
You're hosted on our Dedicated machines and we've been striving to optimize our global network for years!